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Punch and Kick Your Stress to the Curb this Spring

Feeling tense and achy? Having trouble sleeping even though you’re always tired? There’s a good chance you’re dealing with stress. In fact, so many of us experience stress that April has been declared Stress Awareness Month to draw attention to the issues it causes and how to manage it.

For individuals seeking healthy stress relief, exercise, such as kickboxing, has proven extremely effective. And not only will you enjoy temporary relief during class, but also lasting benefits beyond the studio. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, iLoveKickboxing invites you to learn more about how to work it out on the mat.

Say Goodbye to Stress

When life has you stressed, you can always turn to kickboxing. During class, the bag work and drills give you the chance to release all the pent-up frustration and worry you’ve been carrying around with you. Our muscles naturally tense up from stress, especially in the neck and shoulders, so targeting these areas through punches and conditioning exercises can melt the tension away. Plus, sometimes it just helps to get physical and disconnect from stress.

At the same time, kickboxing can be a positive addition to your day. Even if you’re feeling stressed, you can still look forward to class, where you know you’ll be welcomed by passionate instructors and a supportive community of friends with open arms. Kickboxing lets you focus your mind and body and forget about what even made you stressed in the first place.

Why Kickboxing Works

Exercise of any kind helps clear your mind and get your endorphins pumping. Endorphins are your body’s “feel-good” hormones, so the more, the merrier. Not to mention, regular exercise can help boost your self-esteem and confidence. When you feel strong both physically and mentally, you’re better prepared to tackle the day head on. That’s why many therapists and doctors recommend exercise as a healthy way to manage stress and improve your outlook on life. Since kickboxing is such an effective full-body workout, most people walk away from class feeling happy, uplifted and empowered.

Join the iLoveKickboxing Family

Simply put, kickboxing is good for the soul. No matter what’s got you stressed, slip on your gloves and stop by the studio for a heart-pumping, fat-burning workout. New members are always welcome. To learn more or to schedule your first visit, contact iLoveKickboxing in Liverpool or East Syracuse today.